End this fucking day already

I’m headed to the beach tomorrow for a 4 day weekend with the boy and friends. I am ready NOW. However, since we’re aren’t leaving until tomorrow morning, this afternoon calls for vodka limeades outside!!

The more you know …

  • The United States in World War II created a bomb that used bats. The bats would be carrying small incendiary charges and would be released from the bomb in mid-air, causing them to fly and scatter to different buildings in the area. The charges would then detonate and set all the buildings on fire. It was tested and proven to be very effective.
  • Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.
  • You can get a rough estimate of the temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then adding 37.

Beautiful day for it!!

An unintended bonus

The upside of having a boyfriend that works at Urban Outfitters is that I’m getting a lot of clothes and shoes for dirt cheap!!

I really like this judge!

A federal judge on Tuesday signaled that he is growing increasingly frustrated with the voluminous and at times rancorous filings by defense attorneys representing former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) and his wife in a corruption case, dismissing one of their recent requests as “dancing through fantasy land” and asking them and prosecutors to limit their written disputes “for the sanctity of the trees.”

It’s not everyday that the chief of police buys you a shot of Jameson


Anonymous asked:

wtf how long were you in the army? how old were you?


I joined the Army when I was 17 but didn’t go active until I was done high school at the age of 18. I was in for 2.5 years, which at the time was the shortest active duty enlistment I could have. I figured if it was something I really wanted to continue to do, I could always just reenlist.

A little tear (in the best way)

Just had an older gentleman walk up to JP and I as we sat in a bar and tell us he’s proud of us. We’re sitting here touching each other’s arms and he just remarked that he would have been “taken out and shot” for that behavior in his time.

Hey y’all, meet JP

Starting the day with green dranks!

I wish I remembered things better

Damn you Army for fucking me up

Spending my evening with this little man!

75 degree day deserves celebration with a vodka limeade (at Phil’s)

Here’s a new law Virginia

Sunday hunting

Hunting on Sundays will be legal in Virginia on private land, as long as it does not take place within 200 yards of a house of worship. Hunting of deer or bears with dogs is not included.

So, in summation, if you see a bear walking a dog, that is not included in this law. Bears not walking dogs will be treated differently.