The jerk pit massage package?? Sounds like one of those FULL service massage parlors …

'Murica y'all


Mel Gibson’s Beard for Vanity Fair

This is pretty much the direction the coloring of my beard is taking. I’m currently fighting it with chemicals though ….


Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt


One of my favorite things about year36. He’s so sexy when he smokes his cigars. #manlyman #ggrrrhh

My man loves me!!


Whelp, nothing like getting caught in the pool with your bf while you’re NOT swimming …

"Y’all want some fresh watermelon?"

How about that

10 years ago today I quit smoking …. feels a lot longer than that

It’s slightly unnerving to see a man standing outside of your 18th floor window …

Kitty PBR??

HBD America

Please stop setting off fireworks and scaring the shit out of your veterans. We likely have PTSD and don’t like loud noises. Sorry, not sorry.

What a wonderful weekend away!!

And done!

Free for the weekend!! Headed off to go camping with a fun group of friends on the Shenandoah River


In today’s unintended experiment, I have determined that there is a 100% probability that a stranger will attempt to talk to me while I am either drinking my wine or pulling on my cigar, thereby rendering me speechless.

Edit: pulling on my cigar is not a euphemism for masturbation.
You’re gonna thank me for this one …

You’re gonna thank me for this one …

And back home after a great week in Mexico with JP. Time for reality to come crashing back in