What a great three day weekend!

Indeed. Fortunately there will be more of those this month!

A little Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball and big beers!

A little Sunday morning walk around the city with JP!!

I hope my office is ready …

As long as nothing changes, tomorrow I’ll be able to get married in Virginia. I’m gonna gay marry as many guys in my office as possible tomorrow.

EDIT: Just saw the news article saying that now they put a stay in effect. Damn, I was really looking forward to it

Yes please!!! Mmmmm mmmmm good. Gluten free fried green tomatoes. Oh HELL yes.

Makes ya wanna slap yo momma

Yes please!!! Mmmmm mmmmm good. Gluten free fried green tomatoes. Oh HELL yes.

Makes ya wanna slap yo momma

Found it in Virginia of all places!

Time for a new plate!! I’m very excited!

So. Much. Sexy.

A little tear …

So there’s this elderly gentleman who was a maintenance man in the building I work in and years ago we became fast friends. We would talk about anything and everything and typically in a very honest fashion. Race, religion, politics, social issues, etc. - nothing was off limits. We were irreverent, crass, crude and brutally honest. We would crack each other up and would laugh long and hard, often to the point of tears. Every time we saw each other it was easily a 20 minute conversation on current or past events. Those around us never really understood us, but it didn’t matter to us. Over the years I really treasured our interactions - you never knew what the other would say or how far we would take it.

He retired at the end of July. He stopped by my office today to say goodbye and to make sure we would stay in touch. As he was leaving he stopped and took my hand, looked me right in the eyes and said “Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.” He went on to explain that there are so many racist people and he was very pleased to see that I was not. It made me think back on all of the interactions we’d had and I realized what I hadn’t realized at the time, people often stared at us and you could just feel the judgement coming off of them in waves. I’ll never understand why people feel the way they do or why an elderly black man and a younger white man laughing their fool heads off while leaning on each other for support caused such looks full of hate and disgust.

I’m really gonna miss James.


Was waking down the street holding JPs hand and a random girl driving by stopped her car, yelled “mariage in Virginia is legal now!”, jumped out of her car and hugged us before driving away.

That’s one helluva tagline

That’s one helluva tagline

Haven’t seen a label with that country in a LONG time