And of course, I want them to respond in this fashion

Not my normal help desk request, but it gets the point across

For the love of all that is holy, please exorcise the demons that have taken hold of my technology.

Thanks for putting up with me for 16 years Lestat. I’m really gonna miss ya, grumpy old man 😢


Super stoked for camping times!

Obligatory couple shot

Final end of summer trip completed! Was perfect weather for camping and playing in the river

If your watering hole doesn’t print its own menu of seasonal cocktails, maybe you need a new watering hole (or maybe not, your call)

My ride for the evening!!

2nd to last summer hurrah on the lake!!

Not sure how y’all road trip, but I recommend this approach

He survived and is finally back home!!

Just dropped Lestat off at the vet for a procedure and possible overnight stay. First time that’s happened in 16 years. Fingers crossed they fix him.

God what a shit week

Just remembered that I get migraines. Short term memory loss is a fucker. It really fucks me up - I hate I can’t remember life events. And I hate migraines

Funniest thing about football tonight

Haha Clinton-Dix

My man made me this yummy gluten free chicken pot pie. He luvs me!!!


What a great three day weekend!

Indeed. Fortunately there will be more of those this month!